InTray® COLOREX™ Vibrio 20pk

InTray® COLOREX™ Vibrio 20pk

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With Colorex™ Vibrio, the most common pathogenic Vibrio species are easily distinguishable by colony color. Naturally present on marine plants and animals, Vibrio genus counts over 20 species. Colorex™ Vibrio rapidly differentiates those of interest as

public health hazards; V. cholerae often cause cholera through food and water contaminations. V. parahaemolyticus and V. vulnificus are largely involved in foodborne diseases from seafood. V. alginolyticus is less common but is a major issue for seafood and oyster producers.




V .parahaemolyticus33845Mauve
V. vulnificus27562Green Blue to Turquoise
V. alginolyticus33839Colorless
E. coli25922Inhibited