InTray® COLOREX™ Yeast 20pk

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Colorex Yeast is a specialized device that allows for simultaneous growth, detection and chromogenic differentiation of Candida species, as well as Malassezia pachydermatis. Samples are traditionally taken from skin, sputum, urine, or vaginal swabs.

Chromogenic differentiation of:

Candida albicans

Appears green in media well


Appears metallic blue in media well

Candida krusei

Appears fuzzy and pink in media well.

Candida glabrata

Appears white to mauve in media well

Quick Facts

The important stuff. 

Time to result

48 hours, incubate at 37°C.


Extended 12 month shelf life (2-8°C) from the date of manufacture

Can tolerate extended periods at controlled room temp (≤ 25˚C), with no loss in performance.


Skin  |  Sputum  |  Urine  |  Genito-urethral swabs