InTray® COLOREX™ Screen 20pk

InTray® COLOREX™ Screen 20pk

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Streamline your lab’s workflow with simultaneous growth, observation, and chromogenic differentiation. Now you can see selected pathogenic species frequently found in the urinary tract, including gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria. InTray Colorex makes preliminary detection easy by producing distinctive color and morphology differences between selected pathogenic species within as little as 24 hours – and inhibits the growth of yeasts, mold and fungi. E. coli and Enterococcus are positively identified on the initial plate, greatly reducing the need for confirmatory testing.




E. coli25922Dark pink to reddish
K. pneumoniae13883Metallic Blue
P. mirabilis43071Brown Halo
S aureus25923Golden opaque
S. saprophyticus15305Pink opaque
E. faecium6509Turquoise blue