InTray® GC 20pk

InTray® GC 20pk

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Streamline your AMR with InTray GC

InTray GC is intended for use in the qualitative detection of oral, rectal and genitourethral Neisseria gonorrhoeae colonization. N. gonorrhoeae is a common sexually transmitted disease organism broadly disseminated throughout the world. InTray GC is a fully enclosed IVD which enables sample collection, transport, culture and identification in a single device — this simplifies diagnostic procedures, lab costs, and reduces exposure to both the user and the sample.  The proprietary modified Thayer-Martin agar is selective for gonococcal bacteria, and results can be interpreted after 24-48 hours incubation.

InTray GC's dynamic built-in components and features are designed for user compatibility and ease of detection. 

The following are key highlights that come with this product:

  • Single exposure system

  • A “ready to start” 5% CO2 environment

  • Modified Thayer Martin medium, selective for N. gonorrhoeae 

  • Incubatory and transport capabilities

  • Extended 12 month shelf-life from the date of manufacture

Update: This product has a new Instructions for Use

Strain Detection

Test StrainATCC #Result
N. gonorhoeae
N. meningitidis
C. albicans
E. Coli
P. mirabilis
S. epidermatis12228Inhibited
N. sicca9913Inhibited


  • Oral swab

  • Rectal swab

  • Genitourethral swabs

CPT Codes

87081  |  87088  |  87210


  • FDA Cleared

  • European CE IVD Mark

Shelf Life

12 months from the date of Manufacture


Refrigerated 2–8˚C storage is recommended for agar stability. However, InTray GC can tolerate extended periods at 2-25˚C, with no loss in performance, i.e. for transport, storage, etc.


Incubate InTray GC flat to avoid moisture leaking into the CO2 pill chamber. Incubate the tray right side up for 24–48 hours at 37°C  under ambient atmosphere.

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InTray GC is not intended to diagnose Gonorrhoea infection or to guide or monitor treatment for infections. Confirmation of isolates by additional testing may be required. Other Neisseria and related ssp., e.g. N.cinerea, B. catarrhalis, and some strains of N. meningitides may grow on InTray GC medium.

InTray GC is an agar medium that is susceptible to condensation collection within the inner seal, especially when stored at low temperatures and/or having been exposed to extreme temperature fluctuations. If moisture is visible on the surface of the InTrays, dry them (with the seal removed and InTray label in a position allowing for air flow) under a BSL-2 cabinet just prior to inoculation. There should be no visible droplets of moisture on the surface of the agar when they are inoculated. The surface of the dried medium should be smooth and should not show signs (webbed ribbing pattern on the agar surface) of desiccation.