iClean Buccal 30mm Nylon Flocked Swab [6000 Case]

iClean Buccal 30mm Nylon Flocked Swab [6000 Case]

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Good samples contribute to accurate diagnostics. iClean® swabs are anatomically and ergonomically designed to optimize the efficiency of the target analyte collection with patient comfort improved. Individually-sealed, sterile, flocked swabs with plastic, breakable shaft. For collecting SARS- CoV-2 and other clinical specimens.

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            Product Principle

            Proprietary nylon tip flocking process optimizes specimens collection and instant, spontaneous elution in media with up to 95% release

            No-slip, frosted, flexible plastic handle with molded breakpoint, ergonomic & anatomic designs for optimal patient comfort and efficient sample collection

            Compatible with multiple applications such as rapid antigen testing, EIA, molecular-based assays, DFA, cytology testing, bacteriology and virology culture.

            Flexible handle with molded breakpoint


            30mm breakpoint


            For the collection of buccal specimens, including SARS-CoV-2