CavSwab 80mm AN Swab [2000 Case]

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Please note: This item is only available domestically in the US. Additionally, it is made to order and only available to ship on certain days. Please contact your sales representative for more information.

Every CavSwab™ tip is created with precision scalloped surface nylon fibers that create a ‘cavum’. This design creates a larger surface area to absorb and help collect a large amount of specimen.

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Product Principle

Individually-sealed, sterile, flocked swabs with plastic, breakable shaft. Swabs are manufactured in Korea with U.S. engineering and raw materials. 

Allium™ flock technology gives the nylon fibers a unique ability to adapt to the direction of the swab as it is being pushed/pulled — resulting in less friction and an overall more pleasant experience for both the medical professional and the patient. 

Notched shaft increases grip and dexterity while also reducing the amount of stress on the practitioner. 


No breakpoint 


For the collection of nasal specimens, including SARS-CoV-2