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Please note: This item is only available domestically in the US. Additionally, it is made to order and only available to ship on certain days. Please contact your sales representative for more information.

P4Gold is a rapid 20-minute heat detection test for use in milk. It detects the level of progesterone in your cow’s milk, showing you exactly where they are in their estrous cycle.

Accurate and well-timed heat detection is hard. 

Made harder by the 30% of cows that show no reliable signs or behaviours. P4Gold is a simple in milk test that will confirm whether or not your cow is in heat.  All it takes is a milk sample from your cow and 10 minutes to run a simple test, in the parlour. 

P4Gold gives you clear and accurate information to help you manage the fertility of your herd

Used on its own or alongside other heat detection devices, P4Gold will:

  • Prevent mistimed insemination

  • Prevent insemination of an already pregnant cow

  • Prevent incorrect calving dates and mistimed dry periods

  • Detect silent heats

  • Improve PD percentages

  • Help you investigate poor fertility

  • Help you investigate non-cycling cows

  • Help you diagnose problems such as persistent corpus luteum

  • Work alongside other heat detection methods to remove false positives

  • Detect non-pregnant cows 19-23 days post insemination

Please note P4Gold is not a pregnancy or bPAG test and is not intended for use on its own as a diagnostic tool.

Ridgeway Science (a division of Ridgeway Research) produces P4Gold. P4Gold is a product of the United Kingdom. Biomed Diagnostics, Inc. is a license and authorized distributor.